What is “Accident” insurance?

“Accident” is a voluntary insurance for individuals only, which is concluded against events related to the life, health and bodily integrity of the insured. Various risks are covered, at the occurrence of which funds are provided for the treatment of and care for the injured party or his/her heirs.

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We will give you professional advice which insurer to approach, the best product for you and the best price - coverage option. We will also provide you with the necessary adequate assistance at the occurrence of an event covered by the policy.

Types of “Accident” insurance

  • Accident or Accident and Illness - generally speaking, the life and health of individuals are insured;
  • Accident of athletes - Bulgarian and foreign citizens who are actively engaged (professionally or as amateurs) in sports activities are insured;
  • Accident of a borrower - individuals who have been granted bank loan are insured;
  • Travel insurance for Bulgaria - click here for additional information;
  • Student accident - designed for students, teachers and support staff in schools, universities, kindergartens and nurseries;
  • Accident of hotel guests - concluded by owners or managers of hotels for Bulgarian and foreign citizens. It covers damage to guests (including property and non-material damage);
  • Accident at work - compulsory insurance, which is taken out by the employer for employees performing certain activities, such as production, extraction of raw materials, construction, transport, etc.
  • Accident involving vehicle seats - covers the damages caused by a road accident to persons traveling in a certain vehicle;
  • Accident of passengers in the public transport vehicles - compulsory insurance, which is taken out by the carrier and aims to compensate all the passengers who have suffered an injury as a result of a road accident.
  • Accident of visitors to cultural events (concerts, performances) and sports and leisure facilities (swimming pools, gyms, amusement parks, etc.)

Risks covered

The “Accident” insurance is most often offered with different levels of coverage and limits from which the client can choose. Most often, the main coverage includes:

  • Permanent and temporary disability;
  • Medical expenses for surgical treatment, etc.;
  • Death.

In addition, a wide range of risks are offered, the main ones being:

  • Daily hospital stay money;
  • Transportation costs;
  • Medicines;
  • Dental care.

Territorial coverage

Some insurers declare only the Republic of Bulgaria as covered. The “Accident” insurance of other companies is also valid abroad.

Conclusion and price

To determine the price of the “Accident” insurance, the following factors are taken into account:

  • The risks involved;
  • The insurance coverage;
  • Occupational risk class (when employees are insured);
  • Period of the insurance;
  • Existence of permanent disability at the time of insurance.

Many insurers offer a discount on the price of a family or group policy.