What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a flexible and innovative product that provides the most appropriate combination of health services and preventive measures. These insurances provide financial protection in the event of an accident and illness, hospital admission, or need for surgery. Quality medical care in every part of the country and freedom to choose a healthcare facility are guaranteed. The insurance can be individual, group/corporate or family.

Why order from us?

We will help you make an informed choice about the insurer that will satisfy your individual needs, work and lifestyle. We will also offer you the most appropriate package of health care services, as well as full assistance in case of need.

Benefits of the health insurance

  • You receive quality personal service other than standard packages offered by the National Health Fund;
  • You have the right to access specialists in a timely manner without the need for a referral;
  • You manage your own money spent on health;
  • You do not have to pay additional expenses that are not included in the clinical pathways;
  • You get access to the most advanced medical equipment, to consultations with leading doctors and medical transportation;
  • You have a 24-hour contact with medical coordinators through the insurer’s call center;
  • For companies: The health insurance is not only a desirable social benefit for employees. It also helps:

- for early diagnosis of diseases;

- for reducing the risk of chronic disease;

- for reducing the risk of temporary and permanent disability of employees and the absence from work;

- last but not least, the supplementary health insurance also provides tax benefits for legal entities.

Health care packages

  • Disease prevention and protection - includes basic preventive exams and additional exams for early diseases diagnosis;
  • Outpatient care - provides primary and follow-up exams and exams at a health care provider selected by the insured person, on an outpatient or home basis;
  • Hospital care - includes diagnostics, treatment and admission to hospitals and covers the treatment and operations of the insured person;
  • Health care – provides care to the patient at home and hospital by medical professionals and rehabilitators until his/her full recovery;
  • Reimbursement of expenses – reimbursement of expenses related to medical services and the purchase of medicines and other medical supplies;
  • Dental care – includes services related to doctor-prescribed therapeutic, surgical or orthopedic interventions in the oral cavity.

Conclusion and price

The contract period may be one or more years. The coverage of the policy is the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, except where the package includes the “critical illness” risk - then the territory covered is Europe or the whole world.

The insurance can be paid annually or every month.

The price depends on:

  • The health package selected: there are basic packages, such as “Hospital treatment”, and additional packages, such as “Prevention”, “Dental treatment”, “Health services for pregnant women”, etc.;
  • Product level selected: different health packages may contain health care services that are different in scope and volume.