How much is the delivery of the concluded policy?

When you offer a policy online, the delivery is free-of-charge, unless other arrangement was specified.

How do I make a payment?

You can choose either to pay in cash when you receive the delivery or to make a bank transfer.

What does ‘Insurance Broker Contract’ mean?

By this document Insta Broker receives authorisation right and the power to take charge of the client insurance matters.

Is the Green Card included in the price of MTPL insurance ?

Yes, it is. The certificate is free-of-charge.

Can someone else receive my delivery?

Yes, someone else can collect your package.

How to make an online request for an insurance policy?

Simply complete the online form and provide the required information. After that we will contact you in order to discuss the price offers in more detail.

Is it safe to attach my Vehicle Registration Certificate when I make an online request for an insurance?

Insta Broker collects Candidate personal data in order to perform brokerage and advisory activities. We don’t use the collected data for other purposes, so you don’t have to worry when you attach your Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Am I obliged to conclude the policy after I send an online request to Insta Broker?

No, you are not. We give you price offers and you decide whether to conclude the policy or not.

Is the policy automatically concluded after I send an online request and attach the Vehicle Registration Certificate?

Not, it is not. First you receive price offers and after that you have to send us a confirmation email or to make a phone call to inform us for your decision.