What is “Liability” insurance?

The product covers the liability of individuals and legal entities in cases where it is necessary to pay compensation to a person who has suffered material loss or physical injury as a result of an act, omission or negligence on the part of the insured. This may occur while practicing a freelance profession or in the insured’s capacity of a merchant, manufacturer or employer. Some liability insurance is compulsory in accordance with the state regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Why order from us?

We will provide you with several offers of different insurers and will advise you on the best value for money, as well as on the recommended limits. We will also provide you with maximum assistance at the occurrence of an insured event.

Types of “Liability” insurances:

General third party liability of legal entities

It is intended for legal entities and sole traders and covers the damages (material and non-material) caused to third parties, which damages may occur during the exercise of the insured person’s activity.

  • Employer’s liability - covers the compensations that the employer must pay his employees in the event of an accident at work;
  • Product liability - covers the liability of the Insured for damages to consumers by the goods and products manufactured, delivered, installed or repaired by him;
  • Liability of the hotelier and restaurateur - covers property and non-material damages suffered by third parties - guests or visitors;
  • Liability of the tenant - covers the liability of the insured for material damages to properties he has used for rent;
  • Liability of gun owners - covers material and non-material damages caused to third parties as a result of the use of firearms for security and self-defense purposes;
  • Carrier liability - covers the carrier’s liability in case of a total or partial loss and/or damage to goods, conveyed by road;

General third party liability of individuals

Covers the liability of the person as a property owner, animal owner and during the exercise of sport;

Professional liability

The insurance covers damages in case of guilty failure to fulfill professional obligations. It has the following directions:

  • Professional liability of doctors, dentists and medical staff;
  • Professional liability of accountants and auditors;
  • Professional liability of solicitors and notaries;
  • Professional liability of tour operators;
  • Professional liability of designers and engineers;
  • Professional liability of teachers and tutors;
  • Professional liability of insurance brokers.

Conclusion and price

Liability insurance is taken out after completing a proposal-questionnaire, and payment can be made in installments or as a lump sum in Bulgarian leva or in another currency. To determine the price of an insurance, the following factors are taken into account:

  • The selected limit of liability;
  • The specificity of the activity performed;
  • Number and qualification of the staff (for “General third party liability of legal entities”);
  • Contracted deductible (percentage of the compensation with which the insured participates in the event of possible damage).