What is Auto Casco insurance?

Auto Casco is a voluntary insurance for all types of land vehicles equipped with an engine, including trailers and semi-trailers attached to them.  The insurance covers various risks that lead to damages to motor vehicles. The difference with the third party liability insurance is that it does not matter if the damages were caused by another driver or the driver of the insured car.

Why order from us?

We will provide an individual solution for your car, which includes an excellent offer, maximum protection, delivery of the concluded policy and transportation of the car for inspection and repair of the damages at a car repair station, as well as optimum assistance in the event of a road accident and a damage on the Auto Casco insurance.

Risks covered

The full Auto Casco insurance covers damages resulting from:

  • Road accidents, including parked car damages;
  • Natural disaster - hail, flood, fire, etc.;
  • Motor vehicle theft;
  • Motor vehicle robbery;
  • Fire occurring during the operation of the motor vehicle;
  • Vandalism - malicious acts by third parties, such as breaking, scratching, punching.

Auto Casco insurance can also be taken out at a lower price. In this case only part of the risks listed above are covered.

Territorial coverage

The Auto Casco insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Coverage may also be extended to other countries (EU Member States and member states of the Agreement on the Green Card system - Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Israel, Morocco, Iran, Tunisia), as the different insurers have different conditions for this.

Conclusion and price

The insurance period is one year, with options for a one-time payment or up to 4 installments. To determine the price of an Auto Casco insurance, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Age of the car;
  • Make and model of the car;
  • Presence of previous damages;
  • Number of seats;
  • Territorial coverage.

Limited Casco

Car insurance does not have to be expensive. There are so-called limited or package offers, which are usually valid for the cheaper, widely used cars. These types of products cover damage resulting from accidents or malicious acts by third parties, as well as theft. The advantage of the limited Auto Casco is the lower customer price.

Requirements for the conclusion of Casco:

Most insurers require that the car have  an alarm and/or another means of protection - immobilizer, and also that the motor vehicle undergo inspection and the taking of pictures in order for the insurance to take effect.