How to properly make a claim under Casco insurance?

One of the most common complaints when it comes to insurance is the payment of compensation. “I have been denied damages,” “The payment is late,” “I have not been paid enough money” are certainly phrases you have heard or uttered in distress. How to protect yourself from such an unpleasant situation?

Here are some of the important steps you need to take in order to minimise the possibility of being denied compensation:

At the occurrence of an insured event on the Auto Casco insurance, you must:

  • Stay on the spot;
  • Notify the relevant law enforcement bodies, depending on the damage;
  • Notify the insurer. Usually the insurer sends a mobile group to the site;
  • Wait for the mobile group;
  • Bring the car to the insurer’s office and make a claim;
  • Fill in the notification correctly and provide all the documents that will be necessary depending on the specifics of the damage. Where even one important document is missing, the damage claim will not be placed for review;
  • Present the original copy of the policy, the driving licence, the registration certificate, a document for the technical inspection of the car (here is why you must check its expiration date), and enter your bank account in the notification;

Beware of the damages occurring in parking lots

Many people think that they can accumulate minor damages, such as scratches, scrapes and others, and then make a claim at once as parked car damages. This is one of the common reasons for denials. Some insurers have a limit on this type of damage, so we recommend that you do not allow them to accumulate.

It is important to clarify here that Auto Casco insurance covers damages caused by a self-inflicted car accident. So if you have caused scratches or other damages to your own car, do not try to make it look as a parking damage, because when inspecting the car, experts may expose this false information. In this case the insurer will not pay compensation. However, please keep in mind that no insurer covers damages caused from getting off the sidewalk and scrapes caused by branches;

Old damages and repairs made

You should know that the car must be inspected by the insurer as a condition for the conclusion of the Auto Casco insurance. If during this inspection the employee notices any damages already present, the damaged parts will be described in the vehicle inspection slip. Thus, you will not receive compensation if, for example, additional damage occurs to a mud-guard, which has been described as a damaged part during the initial inspection.

It is important to clarify that if you repair a damage found during the initial inspection, the insurer must take new pictures of the repaired parts. For that purpose you must take your car to the insurer.

When it comes to a damage repaired in a car repair station approved by the insurer (which has occurred during the insurance contract), most insurers have agreements with the shop to have the pictures taken and sent by the mechanics in the car repair station. However, if no such agreement exists or if you repair damages at a car repair station of your own choice, you must again take your car to the insurer for new pictures;

Car theft

Please keep in mind that when this risk occurs, the requirements are very strict. Notification to the insurer should normally be done within 24 hours and must be accompanied by a document issued by the police. At the time of making a claim for the damage, the keys described in the proposal-declaration must be presented. The proposal-declaration is filled in at the time of conclusion of the insurance, so if you noted, for example, two keys, you must submit the two keys. The same applies to alarm remote controls. You will also be asked for the two certificates of registration of the car. In view of the above, under no circumstances should you leave these documents and the keys in the car, but rather always carry them with you. Where the risk of theft occurs and you are unable to present them, it is certain that compensation payment will be denied.

What is not covered

When you take out Auto Casco insurance it is good to know what is not covered by the insurance, so you are not disappointed afterwards. The following is almost never covered:

  • Theft of parts that are not permanently mounted mirrors, antennas, headlights, tires, wheel rims, steering wheel;
  • Damages resulting from the use of alcohol or other intoxicants;
  • Damages caused by earthquakes;
  • Damages caused intentionally by the insured person.

The list of directions you must follow is not at all short, is it? Therefore, we advise you to find a trusted partner who knows the terms and conditions of each company’s Auto Casco product in detail. This is important because, in the event of a road accident,  this partner will give you correct information about the mandatory requirements of insurers in different situations, the actions that you need to take and the deadlines. Such things, which you are probably not acquainted with, are important for the payment of damages. In order to become familiar with this information, you need to carefully read lots of pages. Insurers have no particular interest in explaining in detail the guidelines described in their general terms and conditions. So we are here to help. Click here for additional information or if you want to send an enquiry for price offer.

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