Which are the preferred insurance companies in our country?

Who do we trust to protect our lives, homes, and vehicles, and which are the most popular insurers in our country? According to data from the Financial Supervision Commission, the chart for 2019 looks like this:

  • Motor Casco: For the voluntary insurance that ensures protection of the car against various risks that lead to vehicle damage, the most preferred company is Armeec. It is followed by Bulstrad Vienna Insurance group, DZI, Allianz Bulgaria, and Generali Insurance;
  • Motor Third-party liability: For the mandatory insurance covering the driver's liability in the event that he/she culpably causes a road accident, the preferred insurers are Lev Ins, Bul Ins, Dall Bogg: Life and health, Euroins, and OZK;
  • For property insurances, Bulgarians trust most Bulstrad Vienna Insurance group, followed by Allianz Bulgaria, DZI, OZK, and Energy;
  • There are four large companies holding 87% of the the life insurance market in our country, including the leader Bulstrad Vienna Insurance group, followed by DZI Life insurance, Allianz Bulgaria Life, and Uniqa Life.

However, charts are never reason enough to choose who to trust. This is where we come in as a consultant and intermediary between the customer and the insurer, considering the customer's options and needs, in order to offer the most effective solution for him/her. You can read more about the reasons to use a broker's services here

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