Why should I use the services of a broker?

Have you ever been pulled over for a check and found, together with the police officers, that you were driving without a valid Motor TPL insurance? Your policy has expired and you haven’t remembered to renew it. A small lapse, which, in addition to hefty fines, can lead to much more serious consequences in the event of a road accident.

Here is one of the many reasons to trust an insurance broker: we make sure that our clients are relieved to the greatest extent possible from annoying tasks, such as remembering due dates of expiring installments or policies. But this is the least we can do. Here are five more reasons:

We are familiar with the subject

Insurance is a complex science with many vague terms that sound difficult to customers. You do not need to become an expert - our job is to explain the products and their main advantages, as well as to draw your attention to the 'small font', which is present in the General Terms and Conditions of all insurers. There are dozens of products on the market, each with its own specific features, therefore we are the ones who understand your needs and offer you the best solution after comparing the terms of several companies.

Our relationship with the customer does not end the sale

It is NOT our goal to take the money from the premium and leave you alone to deal with the situations. Instead: we are the ones who are always available for advice in the event of a damage or when you have further questions. Lost policy or a sticker, road or parking accident - we know how to react, and all you have to do is ask us.

In case of damage

Our experience has taught us that clients are most vulnerable in the event of an insured event when they face the rules of insurers, and are often, without serious cause, in danger of not receiving compensation. Our role is to facilitate you as much as possible by giving you the opportunity to make a claim for damages on your behalf or to assist you in completing the necessary documents, and then to follow the process through until the compensation is paid. In addition, we can direct you to a reputable car repair station.

Saving time

Part of our mission is to save our customers’ time. For this purpose we provide the service of delivery of the concluded policies and transportation of the cars for inspection and repair of damages. For our loyal customers, these services are free of charge.


It is important to clarify that the services of the insurance broker do NOT increase the final price of the product, on the contrary: we are quite flexible in providing discounts on voluntary insurance. This is visible when you pay a lower amount than what is written on your policy. Our work is valued in a different way, which is not at the expense of the client, and this is what makes us a preferred partner.

If all this is worth it, contact us. We will gladly give you advice and a personal offer.

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